IVT Guide in the natural environment and leisure time
Professional group: Fitness and sports activities


All the training required to be a guide, from knowledge on the environment, to safety and survival in the mountain, from leading groups to first aid, snow, horse riding and cycling.

A climbing and mountain guide, on foot, bike or horse.

At adventure sports companies, tourism companies (hotels, camping sites, etc.), travel agencies, natural park management, sports clubs, ski resorts, etc.

  • Activities with children and young people at the school
  • Subjects that are both theoretical and practical
  • Cycling excursions
  • Practice with horses
  • Mountain excursions
  • Professional guidance

Practical information

Length: 1.400 hours (1 year)

Timetable: mornings de 7:45am to 2:15pm , Afternoons 2:15pm to 8:15pm

Training at the centre: 990 hours

Workplace training: 410 hours




Advanced Vocational Training (pass the admissions test)


During this year the following credits will be taken:

The natural environment

Leading groups and activities in the natural environment

Safety and survival in the mountains

Leading groups on bikes

Leading groups on horses and basic horse care

Small company administration, management and marketing

Physical activity basics

First Aid


Physical activities for persons with disabilities

Group dynamics

Employment training and guidance

Workplace training

Synthesis credit

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