Pre-school education

We take a personal approach

Discovering themselves
and the environment


At the Academia we take into account the personal treatment that each child needs. Reduced groups and support allow us to respect the different rates of development and to work on the different intelligences of each student.

We work to achieve our goals based on different methodological approaches which we have produced ourselves.

  • Collaborative working
  • Thinking routines and projects
  • Psychomotricity
  • We work in English
  • Experimental workshops
  • Imagination and creativity


We work in Catalan, Spanish and English from Pre-school Education. We use English as a learning language from P3 onwards. We promote a taste for music at all levels and we participate in the Sona Escola Project, with 5th and 6th grade primary students. We use IT tools: digital interactive whiteboards and iPads. We use resources and strategies that help students to expand their own knowledge and to know how to engage through the Thinking Culture.

We have activities, cultural trips and stays planned for each year in order to bring our students closer to reality and to make learning more meaningful.

We promote charity campaigns that put into practice empathy, justice and generosity with the UNESCO School Project.


We monitor individuals

We work in projects, small groups, workshops, cooperative work, etc. We have specific programmes based on multiple intelligences.

  • We work on emotional intelligence
  • We work on some subjects in small groups: Languages, mathematics, etc
  • In some learning sessions, we support students with two teachers in the class in order to help them overcome difficulties. Arts and Crafts, Motor Programme…
  • We communicate with families with personal interviews and meetings with the group/class, digital platform..
  • The Psychopedagogy Department helps to guide teachers and families in teaching

Dining hall

The school has its own kitchen and the menus are reviewed and approved by a school nutritionist in order to provide a balanced and varied diet.

We work on food habits promoting the child’s independence and interest in healthy food, making them take the lead in the social act of eating. We promote the educational aspect of being curious to know what there is behind each dish and the joy of eating well.

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