The thinking culture allows us to nurture critical and engaged individuals

The purpose of compulsory education is to get children to learn the necessary tools to understand the world and to become individuals that are able to actively and critically contribute to a pluralistic, diverse and continually changing society.

We respect

We provide support and are psychopedagogy-oriented. We offer a Mediation team in conflict resolution. We reinforce individual care and special education needs. The Student Diversity Commission produces individual plans, adjusting the curriculum according to needs and allows students to achieve goals. We offer a free service for raising questions at certain hours.

We seek a relationship and regular updates, in order to offer a comprehensive education of all skills and values, developing creative and collaborative lessons.

Each year we develop a Teaching Plan with scientific and literary visits and activities.

We are developing our “Design for Change” programme, that aims to directly and pro-actively focus on the environment in projects designed by the students themselves.


We use innovative

We personally monitor all students to help them grow in self-esteem and independence.

We make mathematics attractive, lively and challenging.

Science Bits, teaching activities that help to teach science and that motivate students to develop their education based on research and discovering, and focused on developing basic skills with a lot of interactive multimedia content.

Lego Mindstorms, a resource to build and programme robots and overcome the challenges presented.

We promote entrepreneurship and the search of students.

We offer the space and time so that students can express their creativity through art and are skilled in Home Economics.


At the end of the year, we offer individual guidance so that the student can continue their academic life taking into account their concerns and skills.


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