AVT Pre-school Education

AVT Pre-school education
Professional group: Socio-cultural and Community Services


All the necessary training to educate, program, intervene and evaluate child care programs, from the socio-affective development of children, to musical language, through children’s play, psychomotor activity, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship and other practical subjects .

You will be able to work in nurseries from 0 to 3 years or as an assistant in P3 in schools.

Or in childcare projects, play centres, extracurricular and leisure activities, school support, comprehensive care for family units, etc.

  • Leisure activities with children
  • Subjects that are both theoretical and practical
  • Work placement in London
  • Talks and excursions
  • Interprofessional workshops
  • Professional guidance

Practical information

Length: 2.000 hours (2 years)

Timetable: Mornings 7.45am to 13.15pm

Training at the centre: 1.617 hours

Workplace training: 383 hours



University: Pre-school and Primary Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Social Education, Nursing, Speech Therapy, Podiatry, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Tourism.


During these two years the following credits will be taken:

Early childhood education

Personal independence and children’s health

The children’s game and methodology

Expression and communication

Cognitive and motor development

Socio-affective development

Social skills

Family intervention and care for minors

First aid

Plastic materials and techniques

Employment training and guidance

Business and innovative initiative

Childcare project

Workplace training

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