AVT Physical Conditioning

AVT Physical Conditioning
Professional group: Fitness and Sports (Fitness & Wellness)


These studies enable them to develop, coordinate, develop and evaluate physical conditioning programs for all types of users and in different practical spaces, promoting activities and orienting them towards improving the quality of life and health, guaranteeing Security and applying quality criteria, both in the process and in the results of the service.

Both in the public sphere and in private entities:
• Fitness clubs
• Sports services companies
• Sports boards or municipal sports entities
• Clubs or sports associations
• Clubs or associations of a social nature
• Tourist companies: (Hotels, camping and spas, among others)
• Large companies with sports services for their employees
• Geriatric or social centers
• Sports federations
• Public sports organizations (departments and general directorates of sports, among others)

  • Have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Have the title of technical or technical superior or specialist.
  • Have passed the 2nd year of high school (any type of experimental baccalaureate).
  • Have passed the university orientation course (COU) or the pre-university degree.
  • Have passed the specific course for access to Higher Education training cycles.
  • Have passed the entrance exam to higher education vocational cycles.
  • Have any university degree or equivalent.
  • Have passed the entrance exam to the university for over 25 years.

Other Higher-level training cycles: GS Teaching and socio-sports animation.

Any official university degree study.

Practical information

Length: 2.000 hours (2 years)

Timetable: Monday to friday 1,00pm to 6,00pm

Training at the centre: 1.650 hours

Workplace training: 350 hours


Fitness trainer in the polyvalent training rooms of gymnasiums or sports centers and in aquatic facilities

Fitness trainer for groups with musical support in gymnasiums, aquatic facilities or sports centers

Personal trainer

Instructor of groups of hydrocycesis and body care

Promoter of fitness activities

Animator of fitness activities

Coordinator of activities for physical conditioning and hydrocycling

Aerobic monitor, step-by-step, indoor cycle, water fitness and outdoor activities


During these two years the following credits will be taken:

Assessment of physical condition and first aid (1st)

Social skills (1st)

Fitnes in multipurpose training room (1st)

Basic fitness activities with musical support (1st)

Specialized fitness activities with musical support (2nd)

Physical conditioning in water (2n)

Techniques of Hydrocycesia (2nd)

Postural control, Wellbeing and Functional Maintenance (2nd)

Training and job guidance (1st)

Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Initiative (2nd)

English (1st)

Physical Conditioning Project (2nd)

Training in work centers (2nd)

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