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Affective and emotional security

Dialogue between
family and school
Calm and relaxed


The emotional link that we provide in the Academia’s nursery is key in these first years so that the child feels supported and confident at school. 
We provide the affective and emotional security needed so that children enjoy their experience in school, feel confident, cared for, motivated, loved. This is the basis of any learning.

The Academia is committed to an education based on early stimulation that respects each child’s individual pace and can, therefore, receive a quality education.

One of our aims is for children to learn from discovering for themselves. In this way, we offer stimulating spaces, materials and ideas so that they independently experience through a calm and relaxed atmosphere, so that they can develop in complete freedom and with a sense of belonging to a group.


Dining hall

The school has its own kitchen and the menus are reviewed and approved by a school nutritionist in order to provide a balanced and varied diet.

We work on food habits promoting the child’s independence and interest in healthy food, making them take the lead in the social act of eating. We promote the educational aspect of being curious to know what there is behind each dish and the joy of eating well.

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